Memorial Management - Removals

The NEW SNA Masonry Management System - Version #3

The Removals Module

The Removals System is a module developed to overcome the common problem of carrying out a removal only to have it laying in the yard for years afterwards and often uninvoiced!  It is fully compatable with the rest of the SNA Masonry Management System.

After extensive consultation with members of your industry, we discovered how the removals process works and what data needs to be collected.

We have also discovered that Memorial Masons who issue an estimate at the time of the removal tend to convert 90+ percent of their removals to orders!

To this end we have a version of the removal system which has an estimating and scheduling package built in.

The Removals Job Screen showing Letter pricing for Estimating

The Removals Estimating screen - Full access to overlays and service files

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The SNA Removal System process is simple. 

  • Take a removal Order
  • Create a record on SNA
  • Send a confirmation letter or email to customer.
  • Create a Jobcard
  • Collect the Memorial and record details on SNA
  • Record the location
  • Create an Estimate using SNA
  • Raise an Invoice on SNA (There is a report telling you what you may have forgotten to invoice!)
  • Post or email the Invoice together with the estimate
  • Post the subsequent payment 
  • Diary a follow-up date.
  • If the customer wants to take it further, convert the Removal to an Estimate or Order

This module could pay for itself very quickly by not only simplifying the entire removal admin process, but by potentially gaining a lot more orders from the removals you are carrying out.

To read more, please down load the PDF file below:- 

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