For Fun

Here are a selection of pictures taken over the last few years - We hope they will amuse you!

Archie (Head of security) guarding the office door
Liz is puzzled - Which screen was I working on
A lovely day out with the J-Class yachts
A long walk in the snow! - Almost at the office
The Dublin Funeral show where we exhibited
A very wet day out side but still very beautiful
Never ceases to amaze us the crafts that sail past the office
In need of a sugar rush!
Such a lovely view from Simons Desk
Its not all about work!
A very snowy day at the office!
Liz about to prepare the lunch
Liz (head of support) is helping the rainbow
Liz showing her new nails!
Looking for the popcorn?.... or just trying to hide!
Another picture from the Dublin Funeral show
It wasn't me!
Yes!!! - It WORKS!!!!
Another tough day on site
Archie and Liz - Showing the love!
Simon finally persuaded to use the hoover (after a course from Liz)
A view up river from the office
We love a laugh at work!
Time flys! So apparently Liz is trying to as well!
Liz at a client giving her 'don't take that shot' look!
We love the view from the office - Especially when the tide is in
Simon outside our accommodation in the Forest of Dean
This is how you should wear the hair protector
And this how you don't!
Very hot in here today
Another view up the river
Waiting for the program to compile!
We love the river views! - An early morning start
Want to be out in the Sun not at work!
Another Sunrise
The view from our from door!
Its been a long day!
Onsite in the Forest of Dean