Memorial Management

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The NEW SNA Masonry Management System

Version #3

The SNA Masonry Management System is based on more than 30 years experience in the Memorial and Funeral industries. Designed to manage the  time consuming administrative and accounting tasks required to keep a Memorial business running smoothly.

From Single user to Multi-Branch, used in your office or in 'The Cloud' it is your ideal business tool!

The Enquiry Manager records the enquirers details and stores your  communication in the systems contact manager, Great way to keep everyone in the loop!. Offers ability to print a brochure/enquiry letter and  send via post or email.

Diary a follow-up date for future conversations.  Never lose a customer by forgetting them!

Statistcal analysis of enquiries by branch / month showing conversions and value of business.

The Removals Manager allows the creation of all the details required to record a removal. You can enter the details of the Funeral director, the removal crew and the location the memorial is stored at.

There is a page to record full details of the stone, and pictures of it when recovered. The removal can be scheduled to fit in with other work.

You can invoice separatly. Once the removal has been carried out, you can create an estimate of what needs doing to send to your customer. If required, the removal can be converted to a Quoteation or Order.

The Quotation Manager allows the creation of a detailed customer quote. It links to the Cemetery database allowing instant access to all the fees and restrictions you need to plan and cost the job.

Quotes can be printed or emailed using layouts you can design yourself. These can then be seamlessly converted to orders when accepted by the client!

Statistcal analysis of Quotes by branch / month showing conversions and value of business.

The Order Processing is the main control centre of the system. Clicking on the image to the left will give you full details of all this module can offer.

In summary it will allow you to setup a job with all the relavat pricing and schedule the different tasks needed to complete  the job efficiently. Fees, Insurances and commission are all handled with ease. You can take payments, raise an Invoice and manage the account with statements and debt letters. All postings can be exported to Sage Accounting.     

The Memorial Maintenance Module - This module will help you to manage the admin intensive Memorial Maintenance (maintaining the grave for your clients post fixing). This part of the business can be very profitable, especially if the admin is made simple and efficient. 

The system allows you to record full details of what is agreed on your maintenance contract, raise the invoice when required, and manage the timing of the job. You can plan it in to fit in with an existing visit to the cemetery. You can send / email letters and print jobcards.  

The Job Scheduler offers a very quick and easy way to manage and track the progress of your orders.

It is broken into three sections..

  • Order Schedule - Filters orders by Not Confirmed, No Application, No Material etc
  • Order Jobs Schedule - Controls individual jobs like 'Show All Orders with Permission not received'
  • Fixing Planner - Allows you to plan your fixing schedule

The Contact Manager centralises all the contacts made with customers in the various modules. You can trace all contacts made from initial enquiry to the debt chase. Diary follow-ups to conversations  and be alerted if you miss them.

You may also add follow-ups to Enquiries and Quotations which can be monitored from here.

Job cards detailing all the follow-up work required can be printed or emailed direct to members of staff.

Contact Details

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